Before you start your search, consider the following parameters

  • Budget / EMI range in case of finance
  • Parking Space
  • Family Size
  • Usage – city / highway driving
  • Fuel Option
  • Transmission
  • Features
  • Maintenance cost reviews

Which car to buy?

Buy a car that you and your family desire, and would love to drive around in. Buying a pre-owned car can fulfil such requirements, since it opens a wide array of cars within your planned budget. For instance, within a certain price range, you can select from a Santro / WagonR / Accent / Ikon and even a Honda City.

Value proposition of buying “certified pre-owned cars”

Choice of cars in a given budget is the biggest value proposition a customer can get. And when a pre-owned Honda Car comes with Honda AutoTerrace’s assurance and warranty, this allows our esteemed customers to upgrade to a bigger car to match their aspirations in budget.

Spend time evaluating the options

Once you decide on the budget, spend time evaluating the options, as purchasing a car is one of the milestones in one’s life. One should also keep in mind to:

  • Take a test drive
  • Visit the showroom in daytime
  • Check whether all features are functional or not
  • Check car documents

At all our showrooms, we are more than happy to take you through the complete demonstration over and over, until you are completely satisfied.

Examine the exteriors and interiors

Look for signs of accident, such as dents or new paint or chrome. Make sure the hood shuts properly. Also check the body for rust or fill. Look under the car and check for cracks, rusting or welding in the frame. Check the condition of the muffler, tail-pipe and exhaust components. Look for signs of leakage from the car, including oil, brake or transmission fluid. Lift the hood and check the condition of the belts and hoses. Check if the battery is cracked. Pull out the dipstick to see the oil level, and whether it's dirty. Check the parts and accessories, such as lights, horn, mirrors, seatbelts, radio, heater and windows. Make sure they all work. Have a friend check the outside lights for you. Make sure doors open and close easily, and that handles and locks work well. Also check the dimmer switch, headlights and windshield washer.

Your payment options

You can pay the total amount in cash or by pay order / demand draft / credit card / cheque. You can also take a loan from financial institutions.