Trade your car for a new car

You can sell your existing car in exchange for a new car. We will carefully examine the internal and external conditions of your car along with the related documents before evaluating and giving you the best quote. And if you own a Honda Car, you can sell it at any of the Honda AutoTerrace showrooms.

Our key business intent is to sell new cars, and to facilitate that, we promote the exchange of cars.

We determine the value of your car basis scientific evaluation process

First we check your car’s documents, followed by its body and paint for signs of previous body repairs such as paint lines, overspray, body putty, dents and scratches. Frame or flood damage severely affects your car's value. Therefore at Honda AutoTerrace, we don't resell frame-damaged vehicles to our customers. We then check your car's interior, exterior, mileage, and age. Lastly, we test drive your car to determine its mechanical condition. Excessive mileage, ownership and wear and tear may lower your car's value and decrease its resale value.

You can ask for an explanation on the evaluation process of your car

If you have any questions about the evaluation of your car, speak with our evaluator who conducted the evaluation. Our evaluators are trained to explain the evaluation process, including what they looked for and what impacted your car's value.

What if my car is hypothecated with the finance company and I owe more on my car than the amount of your offer?

If yourcar is hypothecated with a finance company, then it can’t be sold until the full loan amount is paid back to the company. You need to collect your Foreclosure Statement from the finance company to know about the pay-off amount at the time of selling the car.

Either you pay the pay-off amount or Honda AutoTerrace pays on your behalf and the balance amount of the car is given to you against the delivery of the car along with relevant original documents. Also, Honda AutoTerrace holds a small amount for the NOC, which will be given to you against the NOC issued from the finance company. If your pay-off amount is more than yourcar value, then we will calculate the difference between your pay-off and our offer to you. We will accept a cash or demand draft in favour of the finance company for the difference amount and then pay off your finance to the company for you. Please note that you might be asked to visit the finance company office along with our evaluator to close the loan, as a requirement by financier.

What happens to the cars Honda Auto Terrace buys?

We’ll buy any car but each car must pass our evaluation process before we consider it to be sold at our showrooms. When we sell, we verify the status of the buyer and ensure that documentation for transfer is handled properly. Proof of transferred RC is kept in our record and can be sent to you for your reference on demand.

We sell the cars that don’t qualify our parametersvia an open market and defined channels, while ensuring the complete documentation.